The success of our kids program is measured by instilling confidence, discipline, and the ability to execute under pressure. By having the correct process to succeed instead of just focusing on the final results, kids begin to see that if they work hard the win or loss does not matter. Rather the work they put in made them better and when they see themselves improving, they in turn want to continue to work hard. This system they are being taught begins to build confidence in themselves and confidence in the lessons they are being taught by their instructors and parents. When the work has been put in to gain confidence, discipline begins to take over and the kids are then able to perform what they have been taught for real life and competition.

self-defense and bullying

We hope it never happens to your child or any other child but the fact remains that there are bullies out there and your child should have the knowledge to diffuse confrontation with a bully. That may mean running or walking away, defending a friend, and even defending oneself. Only as a necessary resort should physical tactics like Jiu-Jitsu be used. Notice we say “necessary” rather than “last”. You can’t just go and “tell” the teacher every time there is threat of a confrontation. There is more to bullying though then just fighting and as such, your child will learn all encompassing strategy to best their chances of avoiding and inflicting injury.


If you and your child have the desire for them to compete we will lead them down the correct path. Our instructors are regular competitors with knowledge of the techniques and strategies needed to be successful in competition. When we enter competitions we are there to win however the lessons gained from preparation and having the courage to test your Jiu-Jitsu in a pressure situation is more important to us than actually winning. It is our goal to begin providing national and international opportunity for your child to compete